Sunday, June 28, 2015


 I'm so tired of seeing all the drama every where I turn! First off, everyone needs to go read a history book, because the confederate flag is a symbol of the first 13 colonies! (Educate yourself) and secondly, I don't care if Edelise got married to Sally sue, and Sally Sue's baby daddy's, aunt's, grandma's, 8th cousin was originally a male, but turned into a bunny from outer space! If no one personally hurt you, then ignore it! God wants us to love everyone, and not judge them! Bob and Frank may have gotten married, but it's not like they are sitting there doing the "YMCA" in your front yard! You never know when you may need a organ transplant, or CPR, if the only one left in the world comes from a multiracial, Gay, transvestite, and you turn it down, because you do not believe they lived the "right " way, then it would hurt no one but yourself in the end!

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