Sunday, June 28, 2015


The problem with the world today, is that everyone is always in other people's business! These days, no one has a life of their own, and that means privacy is gone! However, lots of people just "assume" what they see or hear is the truth! Just because someone from over 10 feet away, over-heard Sally say that "John Doe smashed a shoe fly, and then threw it in the river." Doesn't mean that John Doe really smashed that shoe fly! Maybe Sally really said, that poor little "John smashed his toe, and then saw his shoe fly into the river!" Maybe little John really needs your help, but you are now thinking that he is some sort of horrible fly squashing person! If you have any questions and you really want to know the truth about someone, then go up to that person and ask them! Stop gossiping, and spreading lies, when you don't even know if the he-said / she-said stuff is actually the truth! Turn the tables around! What if that person was actually talking about YOU, and you were no where around! Do you want lies spread around about you? 

*Before you speak, THINK:

  1. Is it TRUE? 
  2. Is it HONEST? 
  3. Is it INSPIRING? 
  4. Is it NECESSARY? 
  5. Is it KIND? 

If you answered no to any of those, then don't say it!

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